Friday, September 15, 2006

Double you tee eff? has added you to the
Zeccobloggers group with this message:

Here is the group's description:

Zecco bloggers emails

----------------------- Google Groups Information ----------------------

The owner of the group has set your subscription type as "No Email", meaning
that you'll need to visit the group's home page to view new messages.

To view this group on the web, or edit your subscription, you will need to
create a Google Account by going to:

Visit this group on the web by using this URL:

You can unsubscribe from this group using the following URL:

-------------------- Information About This Message --------------------

If you feel that this message is abuse, please inform the Google Groups staff
by using the URL below.

(I reported it as abuse - I do NOT want to be signed up for shit without my permission, and I would NOT want to be involved with Zecco as it is all investment crap)


Single Ma said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Single Ma said...

I got that crap and reported his azz too!

Amdollar said...

Got the same message. Logged it as spam... hate these guys

mapgirl said...

Thanks for posting this! I didn't get around to checking email all day and I was wondering what the heck this was about.

Using Google for evil. That's not good!

mapgirl said...

oh yeah. reported it as well

Sabin Speiser said...

Very Sorry,

I work at Zecco. We were trying out a new feature on google that was not fully documented. Had no intention of making anyone join a group against their wishes. Just evaluating online tools. This is not spam. Whether we are using google for evil or good remains to be seen. You'll know on Oct. 9th.

I feel especially bad about this because evryone who got the google groups communication is someone whose blog we read and like.

Very truly sorry.

Any questions please contact me at

GolbGuru said... that last comment from some real "Zecco" person? If it is, then they are sure keeping an eye on your post :).
Anything with a name like "Zecco" seems like a shortcut to junk mail.

Steven Burda, MBA, Philadelphia, PA said...

I'm in Zecco.

- Steven Burda

Kira said...

Um, that's nice. That doesn't excuse them from sending spam.