Monday, September 11, 2006

My brand new business

Well I went and did it - I started a business. And you are all welcome to participate. Come take a look! The site is functional but doesn't have as much on it as I'd like yet, but I'm adding them pretty quickly. The site is called CashDuck (don't make fun of me!) and of course the theme is ducks. It is a GPT (get paid to) site like DealBarbie - so you make money by signing up for trial products, insurance quotes, etc etc.

I really want to get feedback from people who haven't used this kind of site before - what would you want to know about the site before using it? What sort of offers would entice you to actually complete something? I know a lot of people join these sites and then never complete any offers, so I'd like to get feedback from total newbies about what their concerns would be with using this kind of site.

The site is fully functional and anyone who completes offers will certainly be paid whatever they earn. I've also started a blog (of course!) specifically for CashDuck; you can see it at! Go check out CashDuck and tell me what you think!

I'm being pretty picky about the offers I post - probably less than 20% of the offers I can get from the networks go on there, either because the offers didn't seem worth it for the amount of earnings, costs too much, pain in the ass factor, etc etc. So I think that the offers that did make it up there are all pretty quality, and I would do them myself if this were someone else's site.


Then Things said...

Congrats on going for it! I'm going to email you with my comments

Anonymous said...

I know you've posted a whole entry on you fill out forms for cash and I've seen your paypal payouts, but I still don't get it. More specifically the risks involved or how it is not a scam or that the users do not lose more money than what they put into trying an offer.

But good luck!

Kira said...

You do need to be careful and keep good records and what not when doing these offers, but on my site I am very careful to only put up offers where you can make at least several dollars above the cost, if it costs something. Offers are generally in two categories: those that are paying you for your information, and those that are paying you to buy something from them. In the first category, you can protect yourself by using alternate emails and a phone number that goes to voicemail - I also don't put up offers that I think are untrustworthy that require social security numbers or the like. In the second category, you need to keep good records of when the trial expires and who to call to cancel before it expires and you get charged for the next month or whatever.

It is not a scam - there are hundreds of affiliate networks where people who want to promote a product or get leads for people who want to buy their product sign up and pay others to advertise. What you are essentially doing is answering an advertisement, and then when I get paid for bringing the lead to the marketing company, I split the commission with the user.

Steve Mertz said...

Good luck Kira-Keep us updated on your progress!

Alyssa said...

I'd like a clear statement of what you're going to do with my information. Just one of those "we'll never share or sell your address" guarantees -- I would certainly never put my info into a site that didn't state that, and I bet many other people are the same.
#2, Let me explore a bit more before signing up. What rewards are you offering for feathers? I don't know if your gimmick is better than other sites' if I don't have an idea of what kind of rewards you offer.
I guess these two thoughts are related, in that they're both addressing possible reluctance to register. Just some suggestions! Good luck with your venture!

Becky said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new site! I'm relatively new to GPT sites (I've been doing them for a couple weeks now) and yours is probably my favorite. The looks is clean, fresh and uncluttered... and no pink! ;-) I've made $26 so far and have about $79 waiting for approval -- and that's in one night! So yes, it is a valid way to make extra cash and definitely not a scam. Thanks!

Kira said...

Wow, you WERE really busy!! Glad you like the site! =)