Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Schweet! Free money!

What free money have I gotten lately? Well, I kind of tapered off with the DealBarbie type stuff, because I'm focusing my time on my own site now, but I still got some money, about $60, from things I did last month. Plus, I got my $100 Bank of America credit for opening a new account. Here's hoping my KeyBank account is OK too and I get my free iPod nano! That would be five kinds of awesome. I also got a PineCone check and a $15 check in the mail for a survey I don't remember doing. (Which is why doing these surveys is great - it's always surprise money.)

Of course, with all that money in my PayPal account, I went and bought this shirt for my dad's birthday. What good is surprise money if not to surprise someone with it?

1 comment:

Andy said...

I received a $15 survey check from Yahoo this weekend for doing a survey on Technorati. Maybe that is what your check was for. I also got a Pinecone check and a $25 check from BofA for referring a friend who opened an account.