Monday, September 11, 2006

My butt is so sore right now and it's all H&R Block's fault

Not like that you perverts. I rode my bike top speed 1.8 miles to the H&R Block location where I signed up to take my tax class.. and it was closed. Locked up and posted "closed until january 2, 2007." To top it off, there was a sheet with tear tabs advertising the tax classes. I called the central number on the sheet and asked the CSR why the hell I had come to a class at a locked and closed building. Evidently, they changed the class time from Monday and Thursday to all day Saturday and sent out a LETTER (in the MAIL) on THURSDAY and expected that we would get it on Monday. (of course, they have our emails and phone numbers but noooo they couldn't use that)

So the rep signed me up under a different class which meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at a different branch which is 1.7 miles in the opposite direction. My boyfriend's car is in the shop which is why I rode my bike, which also has a partially flat front tire I keep forgetting to inflate, and didn't have time to inflate tonight because I remembered at 6:14 that I had the 6:30 class. I got out of the apartment at 6:20 and arrived at the location at 6:35 - pretty good for 1.8 miles on a slight uphill with a half flat tire! But there was no rest for my butt because I had to get back on the bike and ride back home.

Stupid H&R block. Stupid butt.

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Chuck said...

Too bad you had to ride all the way out there for nothing.

Let us know how the class goes. I've been debating taking it, think it would be some nice extra money to work a few weekends during tax time if they allow it. Do you know what the pay is?