Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What interesting spam you have

Collaborator Needed
Group Finance Director
Halifax Bank of Scotland
Edinburgh EH3 9PE
Tel:+44 704 0117071
Fax:+44 870 4902369


I am Dr. Phil
Hodkinson, Group Finance Director (H.B.O.S) I have urgent and very
confidential business proposition for you. I understand that through
Internet is not the best way to link up with you because of the
confidentiality which the transaction demands. However, I have lready
sent you this same letter by post one month ago, but I am not sure if
it did get to you since I
have not heard from you, hence my resending
it again.

I discovered a dormant account in my office, as Group
finance director with Halifax Bank of Scotland. It will be in my
interest to transfer this fund worth 15,000,000 million pounds in an
account offshore. If you can be a collaborator to this please indicate
interest immediately for us to proceed.

Regards and respect,


Phil Hodkinson

1. I don't recall receiving anything from Scotland, but I could be mistaken as to the good doctor's origin since his email ends in it (Italy).

2. 15,000,000 milliion pounds? So 15 million million? Are we using the British or American system of calculating billions here? Cause either way, that's probably more than any Scottish bank holds. And they might notice 15 million million pounds missing.

3. If you resend something again, you have sent it for the third time. Damn, maybe he also sent me a letter from Italy! I could be collecting foreign stamps!

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Anonymous said...

this like many i get is so funny i only wish i had a rich uncle.lol