Friday, August 25, 2006

Check it out! The Festival of Under 30 Finances at Pragmatic Finance

This week's edition of the Festival of Under 30 Finances is hosted by Pragmatic Finance. There were a lot of great submissions, go look at it! Now! Now!

And don't forget to submit an article for the next edition, hosted by NinjaPigeon.


Ken said...

I'd like to submit an article but I'm over 30. 34 to be exact. I would like to write an article on what I feel may be an inherent weakness on your under-30 blog community.

I think that you can learn alot from people over 30 because they have just gone through the same things you are now experiencing.

I think it's great that all of you are very interested in your personal finances. I was really into investing right when I got out of college.

I was actually featured in an article on Money magazine because I had too many mutual funds. (I need to find that article and scan it)

I was 28 when I bought my first house, 25 when I bought my first car. I've been through everything that you guys are all posting about.

I think that limiting your blog community to under-30 people may be a mistake because you may miss the knowledge and experience from people who have been through the exact situations that you are facing.

Kira said...

People over 30 are welcome to contribute to the Festival... You can contribute anytime you like, using the link in this article - it will go to whatever is the upcoming edition.

The personal finance blog world is full of the experience of people over 30, so there is no shortage - it's we young'uns which are rare.

Anonymous said...

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