Saturday, August 05, 2006

MBNA loves me when I run up the bills, evidently

So I'm logging into my various online accounts to add my new credit union bank account to the billpay sections, and as I log in to MBNA I notice that my available credit (which is what they display on the front page instead of your balance) has suddenly shot up a LOT.. to more than my credit limit.. and I think, hey! Did somebody pay all my bills for me? Then I go into the account summary and lo, MBNA has raised my credit limit $2,000 to $5,800. I guess I won't have to ask for much of an increase in order to fit the balance transfer on there. (Note that they never raised my balance while I was paying it down...)

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Ms. MiniDucky said...

I remember MBNA being one of those companies that like to reward spending with skyscraper limits. Very convenient if you're preparing to use it for a 0% BT. I know, I'm on that subject a lot these days, apparently I just can't wait to do a new one!