Wednesday, August 02, 2006

100 things about me

1. I was born on December 8th.
2. I am a brunette.
3. I am short.
4. I wear a digital watch all the time.
5. I have two guinea pigs.
6. My guinea pigs are named Adrian and Wedge Antilles.
7. Both of my guinea pigs are named after movie characters.
8. I hate grapefruit juice.
9. I like ranch dressing on my French fries.
10. I went to college in Cleveland, Ohio.
11. I am a science dork.
12. Specifically, I am a biology dork.
13. I own at least 30 books about genetics.
14. I hate shopping for clothes.
15. I love shopping for food.
16. My favorite color is red.
17. My favorite stores are IKEA and the grocery store.
18. I love fruit.
19. I have bought only 1 music CD in the last five years.
20. I have more than 11 gigabytes of music.
21. I use Excel to organize just about everything.
22. My cat is named after an ancestor of Aragorn.
23. I have a bamboo plant in my office.
24. There are earthworms living in my bamboo plant's pot.
25. Both of these earthworms are named Rupert.
26. I enjoy high-quality scissors.
27. I am trying to grow out my hair - below the shoulders is short.
28. I wear glasses.
29. I got glasses in tenth grade, but am only on my second pair.
30. I used to collect cut gemstomes.
31. I also used to collect blue glass bottles.
32. Now I collect Shaun the Sheep items.
33. I have art posters all over my office to cover the damage from the previous occupant.
34. I am extremely organized.
35. But, I am very messy at the same time.
36. I have been using computers since I had sufficient manual dexterity.
37. My home computer is blue with a light inside.
38. My previous computer case had a hole cut out of the top with tin snips.
39. I eat dry Mini Wheats and Cup A Soup as snacks at work.
40. I can't cook independently, but I can follow a recipe.
41. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
42. I hate mint in all other forms, including gum and toothpaste.
43. I hardly ever write checks or use cash.
44. I have never actually used up a book of checks before I switched banks.
45. I was an early adopter of Paypal in about 1998 - they gave me $20 to sign up.
46. I was also an early adopter of eBay.
47. In high school, I used to buy what can nicely be described as drag queen shoes on eBay to wear to school.
48. These were the "scare the freshmen" shoes.
49. I want a dog.
50. I didn't get a cell phone until junior year of college.
51. I really get a kick out of getting those $10 checks from the credit card company to sign up for crap I don't need.
52. I love editorial cartoons.
53. My favorite TV show is Animal Patrol on Animal Planet.
54. I also like Project Runway on Bravo.
55. For these reasons we are not getting rid of our cable even though it is expensive.
56. I held 11 different jobs during college.
57. By the time I graduated college, I was working four different jobs at the same time.
58. I got fired from two of those jobs.
59. But I didn't like them anyway, so pooh to them.
60. My favorite candy is Zero bars.
61. Actually, I just love candy.
62. Fortunately, I have had only one real cavity, and that was in a molar that fell out.
63. I had braces, but only for about a year and a half.
64. Which was fortunate because I did so much damage to them that it probably cost twice as much as it should have.
65. I have one sister, who is older than me.
66. She had to have braces a lot longer than I did. Ha ha.
67. I have a bicycle with a detachable basket.
68. I do not like to vacuum.
69. I do like to load and unload the dishwasher.
70. I lasted only three weeks in my new apartment before breaking down and buying the dishwasher. (I was going to wait for my second paycheck before buying it.)
71. I am not much of a doodler.
72. I like to have separate bank accounts for different goals, even if all but one don't have anything in them right now.
73. I read very quickly and devour content.
74. I like Asian food, particularly Thai and Japanese.
75. I will eat just about anything with Korean barbecue sauce on it.
76. My favorite vegetable is red peppers.
77. I have absolutely no tolerance for spicy stuff.
78. I almost always order eggplant parmesan at Italian restaurants.
79. I have an ancient laptop with stickers all over the lid (it's about seven years old now.)
80. It took me less than six weeks after graduation before I started my first job.
81. This was the fourth job I interviewed for.
82. I really enjoy saving up coins.
83. I have two piggy banks, one for silver change and one for pennies.
84. Unfortunately, I hardly ever get any change because cash runs through my hands like water, so I try not to carry any.
85. I have a weird farmer's tan from going to a baseball game more than a month ago.
86. I like to eat frozen fruit.
87. In the summers, when I lived in un-air-conditioned places, I used to keep a store of blue cool-packs in the fridge to wear on my head. It really works.
88. I also had a special ice-tube-maker-tray for making tubular ice that I would put in my guinea pig's water bottle when it was really hot.
89. I really like egg salad, potato salad, macaroni salad.. all of those salads that are in fact really bad for you.
90. I drink Crystal Light all day at work cause I am too cheap to buy more Powerade. I just reuse the bottle over and over.
91. I was a vegetarian from ages 12 through 21.
92. I still buy most of my meat from Whole Foods. I used to buy it from a co-op.
93. My cell phone plays "Call Me" by Blondie when my parents call.
94. It plays "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish" when my boyfriend calls.
95. At any given moment there are usually four pairs of shoes in my office - one pair is on my feet.
96. I like the premium Kraft better than the regular old mac 'n cheese, but I don't like Velveeta.
97. My favorite cheese is Havarti.
98. As a kid, I used to eat raw hot dogs pretty much all the time.
99. At one point, I had five sets of earring holes. I let the top ones close and now I don't wear any earrings. I kept losing them.
100. I love books and have bought more than 40 in the past year.


JLP said...

#21. I love Excel
#25. LOL!
#26. LOL! I think you are a goofball.
#41. MINE TOO!



Kira said...

Yes, I am a goofball. =) But I am dead serious about the scissors - a crappy pair of scissors makes me mad! When I was a kid, no one else could ever find any scissors or tape cause I was using them for projects, and basically until I graduated, if someone couldn't find the scissors they would blame me.

~Dawn said...

13. I own at least 30 books about genetics.

You must explain...why?

Kira said...

I love learning about biology, it was one of my majors in college, and genetics is a field that's really exploded in the last ten years. It's truly unbelievable how much new knowledge about biology and life has become available because of genetic studies. So that's where all the cool new interesting stuff is coming from, in my opinion. =)

ntbeachnc said...

I love the fact that one of your guinea pigs is named for a Star Wars character!!! And I'm not ashamed that I knew that. :-)

Kira said...

Big geeks all round =)

Also, it's kind of an in-joke because Adie is Wedge's mother, and when Wedge was in utero she was "wedged" between the two other babies - we know it was her cause she's the runt and the other two were huge! Her name for the first week or so was Middle.

freedumb said...

You are born 1 day after me!

freedumb said...

December babies rule! :)

John said...

#91: Why the change?

Kira said...

Iron deficiency anemia - not fun. I'm on iron supplements for it now, but the only way to stay well permanently was to eat red meat. I also had a protein deficiency.

Ms. MiniDucky said...

Rocky and Star Wars? Did I get that right? :

Kira said...

Yep, you get a virtual cookie =) My previous guinea pig was named Rocky, so we named the next one after his girlfriend.

Gigi said...

I have 5 pairs and that's with 1 on my feet.

Nice list.

Anonymous said...

#98: For the record... hot dogs are fully cooked before they are packaged - so no harm done if you choose to eat them cold. :)

udandi said...

I thought I left a comment, but apparently not. I was born a day after you so freedumb, you and me will have a birthday marathon!

my 100

George said...

97. My favorite cheese is Havarti. - It is an awesome cheese.

However as you were once a vegetarian I'm disappointed at where you get your meat from? I assume it wasn't on animal welfare grounds? Co-op is better for animal welfare by a country mile!