Monday, August 21, 2006

"Holy crap! It's my actual dad!"

As you may have noticed in your blog reading, sometimes anonymous commenters can be weird. And not just the I-want-to-sell-you-land-in-Venezuela weird. Sometimes, I'm just not sure who the hell these people are or why they are interested in my blog. So last night, I'm reading my email and I get a comment notification. I look at the comment and the first thing that pops out at the is the name:

Dad said...
Don't let the EXCELLENT be the enemy of the GOOD. Your goals are clear... the path to them is unknown to everyone.

And I get a little weirded out. Is there a new commenter going around the PF blogs assigning themselves the name of Dad, in the manner of Uncle Bill or Single Ma? Is there a new family member in the pantheon?

And then I mouse over the word 'Dad' and my ACTUAL DAD'S webpage pops up (! Holy crap! I yell to Boyfriend who is in the other room. It's my actual dad! Yes ladies and gentlemen, my parents read my blog. And my mom thinks it's funny so she sent it (and the link to my podcast, and several of my articles) out to friends and relatives. So much for keeping it quiet =)

(Oh, and he also has another website at if you're interested in business and career related events in Pittsburgh, PA instead of Columbus, OH)


Daniel said...

Haha...good for you Kira....I told my parents about mine and sent them the link to avoid the shock. I didn't think my parents would ever be able to find it though. But you never know.

Single Ma said...


Good thing you've never revealed any of your teenage secrets. :-)

I think my mom would enjoy my blog, but she could give a flip about personal finance.

BTW, your dad gives good advice.

Kira said...

Well, I sent my mom a text version of an article I wrote, and I highly suspect my dad Googled it because I don't think I ever gave them the actual address. ;)

Then Things said...

I assumed it was your real dad and I thought it was really cure that he responded!

mapgirl said...

I'm sorry I think it's funny that you just got creeped out by your actual dad. It's kind of funny.

Jessica said...


tell your dad i said thanks for the pittsburgh calendar!

when i saw his comment the other day, i assumed it must have been your real dad because that sounded like some true fatherly advice!

Ms. MiniDucky said...

You're too funny!