Sunday, January 21, 2007

The penny pinchers club

I think the lunching situation has been resolved - basically, it seems like I will be able to eat lunch with the other two new girls each day, although one of them is only over in our building temporarily to be trained, and will be permanently working about five minutes' drive from us. We've decided to go out to a Mexican place that they both like and I haven't been to - but we have all agreed that spending money on lunch is wasteful. One of them actually said, you know, if you spend $25 a week on lunch, that's $100 a month! (Which is of course something regularly said in the PF community, but I would have felt like a big dork saying it myself. =)

The three of us have also had long conversations at lunch about how people spend their money wastefully, and how people try to convince us to spend more money. (Both girls have significant savings despite holding essentially student-wage jobs previously.) They also both described themselves as penny pinchers. So I feel like I have found financial kindred spirits and I am quite satisfied.

They also serve as a kind of financial conscience - I know that I will feel wasteful if I bring in restaurant leftovers for lunch three times in one week because then they will know I ate out three times for dinner. ;) So that's going to keep me in line there too!

I did feel kind of bad on Friday though because my mentor lady didn't have anyone to go with because the lady we usually ate with is not there on Fridays, and I was going off to eat with the other girls. She did eventually find someone who would go with her, but if I hadn't said I was going with the other girls then it would have been just the two of us and she could have gone to lunch when she wanted, instead of waiting for someone else to come back to go with her.


D said...

I hope this means it is getting better there!

Kira said...

Yes, I think so. I don't feel like I'm going to get fired or demoted, although I still feel like I won't be able to get everything done in my position without a nursing license. But they are also apparently hiring another one of me in my same group, so I hope they thought this through...

I spent half a day with someone in my same position from another disease group, and it seems she does OK. However, she complained a lot about having too much work, was extremely disorganized and didn't do her data, and seemed generally overwhelmed all the time. And she is in skin cancers, which are much slower-paced and are outpatient-treated most of the time. I'm in hematological cancers, which require long inpatient stays, a lot more drugs, and things happening now now now. So I'm not sure how applicable her experience will be to mine.

erik said...

It's always nice to meet people who share common financial thoughts and goals. I get excited when I meet someone else who is actively trying to get out of debt. It helps me realize that I am not the only crazy 25 year old who is trying to save money and pay off loans.