Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My $70 Night Out (at a potluck in someone's house)

On Saturday, Boyfriend and I decided that we would make a Philly cheesecake for a potluck we were going to that night. So we went to the store and plunked down about $20 for ingredients (as we didn't own any graham crackers, five boxes of cream cheese, etc etc.) and took it all home. I put everything together, got the crust baked, poured it and baked it. Boyfriend took it out to cool and about half an hour later, we were going to put it in the fridge. He said, I wonder what it tastes like? So I took a spoon and took a little piece out of the corner. It was, how shall I say, yucky.

On further perusal of the recipe, it was discovered that I had left out the cup of sour cream. Which I guess you need.

So we went back to the store and spent another $10 or so buying a small frozen cheesecake, and an extra frozen pie since the cheesecake didn't seem big enough for ten people. I made the raspberry stuff for the topping (ie putting a bunch of frozen raspberries and melting them in a pot on the stove - they will liquefy) and we went off to the party.

There is no real parking around this friend's apartment, so we parked on the street. Illegally. (Sort of.) And were ticketed, which was $40.

So much for a cheap night out with friends! =)


moneymonk said...

The more you think about it, the more it will frustrate you. Trust me!

My cheap night out at my cousin house a few years ago cost me $720.

I enjoyed myself chill and had engaging conversations with everyone. On my way home I got into a fender bender the ticket was $220 and it costed about $500 to fix the bumper. Arrrghhh

I would have did better splurging and treating 15 people to dinner and drinks!

Lisa Knight said...

Goodness! I guess there isn't anything you can do now but write an entertaining blog, that we can all relate too, oh you did that too! Thanks for the smile!!!
It does make you feel good to know that you aren't the only one with a story like that :D.

Brian H said...

I've been there also. we had friends over for a New Years party. Spent $100 on alcohol, $100 on food, then about $50 in glasses were broken, and a chair leg broke.

So much for our cheap night. I feel you girl.