Tuesday, January 02, 2007

End of my first job, start of my second

I guess I have to change my little profile in the corner now, huh? Thursday and Friday were my last days at my old job, and wow that was boring. My computer was reassigned on the Friday before, for no apparent reason except that it was to be done by Wednesday, but I was taking Wednesday off, so it had to be done on Friday instead. I had planned on using my laptop to at least access my email and do some data entry, but I could not for the love of Pete get it on the wireless network. So I pretty much did nothing on Thursday, helped a coworker do some things, and then really did nothing on Friday other than take my plant and a box of my stuff over to my new job. At 11:30 my former supervisor told me that I could just go as there was clearly nothing for me to do (I was using a student computer and my office was stripped) so I did, at about 12:30.

Today was my first day at my new job. It's a bit disappointing that I don't get to have my own office anymore, but I realize how unusual of a luxury that was these days! We live in basically a humongous room which is divided up into six smaller sections, which then have desks in each of the corners, roughly. So I have a corner. It's reasonably nice though for a giant cubicle and the ladies in it are all great. I was instructed by one of them that I would be attending lunch with them - they didn't want the new person to have to eat lunch alone on the first day from not knowing anyone. =) They actually have a schedule set up (of sorts) for training; I will be having apparently about ten half-hour meetings with various people throughout the department so that they can tell me what they do. The first two weeks are pretty laid back and then I will start shadowing people for about another three weeks, and then I will be working on a protocol with someone else to get the hang of it before I am given my own. It is still a little weird to actually have work to do, but I suspect that I will get used to it. My work ability however is limited by the fact that apparently it will take two WEEKS to transfer my computer account over. If you are a new user, they can make you one in a day, but since I am an internal transfer this is apparently Rocket Science and has to be performed by a specialist. Or something. So I can't even use Word or anything, much less do the online courses that I am supposed to complete. Email luckily will not require much transfer, although I can't check it at work.

Also, I told a couple of my coworkers about CashDuck, although not in great detail - I only told one at my old job, and that was only recently. I felt like I was hiding its existence although I don't know really why I felt it was necessary to do so. Everything with CashDuck is going pretty swimmingly; it is now to the stage where I do not have to babysit it constantly. I think it wouldn't have done so well if I'd not been able to check things during the day for the first month, when there were a lot more questions and a lot more site issues, but it's OK for eight hours without attention. (Although people seem to take hour-long lunches and work 8 to 5 here, so I'll probably check my email on my lunch.)


SF Money Musings said...

congratulations on the first day! that was so thoughtful of your coworker to think of you for lunch. it's so nice to eat with people on your first day. it just makes you feel all the more welcomed.

best wishes!

Chris said...

Good luck..I wish you the best.

Lua said...

Congrats on the new job Kira. I am new to cash duck but I think it is a great idea and very easy to use. I enjoy reading your blog.