Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Someday I hope to be this guy, without the beer

Click if the image is unclear.

This is from PVP Online, a comic that I like to read. This character won a whole lot of money in the lottery and now spends his days drinking beer and playing video games with his friends.

But seriously, I have been thinking (not in a morbid way) about where I would leave my retirement money when I don't need it anymore. One thing I think would make a big impact on people's lives is to dispose of it to a foundation associated with the hospital I work at. This foundation generally pays for things like cab fares and hotel stays and other little things that are important to getting your cancer treated just like the doctors and nurses are - after all, if you can't afford to get there and you have no place to stay, life is going to be a lot more difficult. I know there are a lot of foundations that support research - and seeing as how I am in research, I certainly appreciate it - but the best drugs in the world will not find you a sitter for your kids while you are in the hospital, or drive you here from two hours away when your car is broken down.


English Major said...

I think that's a great idea. It's amazing how often those little expenses can impede the course of medical treatment (like the recent newscycle about the man who was offered the liver he needed but couldn't afford a plane ticket to the hospital).

I'm just making things up over here, but have you thought about funding a scholarship at the high school you attended? You've mentioned a couple of times that it's increased substantially in price and that it was a burden for your own family.

English Major said...

Whoops—think I confused you with mapgirl. So sorry!

Ms. MiniDucky said...

Hehe, PVP is great :)

Those foundations are great, especially those that work like the Ronald McDonald House and provide housing and other necessities for families who need to be near their hospitalized children.

Kira said...

I went to a public high school - you may be thinking of my comments about my college. I don't think I'd be able to fund enough money to make a difference except for a few kids, but I think going through this foundation the money would affect a lot more people's lives.