Thursday, February 08, 2007

Saga of the pennies

So the desk I have at my new job was inherited from a nice lady who is friends with my mentor lady, so I know her pretty well and have spent a lot of time with her. I have returned several things that I found in her desk that I thought she might want. Today, I went to ask her about the pennies. Lots and lots of pennies.

See, in my desk drawer I have a tray, and in the tray are some rubber bands, binder clips, bits of paper, and about 100 pennies. It seems that she just dumped all her excess pennies in this tray, and pushed it to the back. So when I went to give her something that I found in my area today, I asked her about the pennies and if she would like me to bring them to her.

She made a face and said she did not want them. Apparently she really, really doesn't like pennies.

So I put them in a zip bag and brought them home to put in my piggy bank. Hey, it's 100 more pennies than I had before!

And if you were curious, yes, I also pick up pennies off the sidewalk. That's also one more penny than I had before.


Cheryl said...

I am also a "Penny picker upper"...I've seen people waslk out of a store and just toss them on the ground...hellooo, it's MONEY people, and it all adds up!!!

mOOm said...

I collect pennies in a yogurt pot. When it's full (about $3) I take it to a change machine that lets me donate them to charity.