Thursday, January 03, 2013

A milestone that seems pretty major to me!

So I would just like to notify all my loyal readers that I recently, as in two days ago, actually got approved for a credit card offer that I got in the mail! This is very exciting! The reason this is so exciting is that I have a very good credit score, so I get really awesome credit card offers in the mail. The problem is that when I go to apply for them, the bank takes one look at my debt and goes "eeeeeeee" off into the woods. So if I get approved, it's for a lesser card, with a small limit and a stupid APR. Obviously I have not tried this too many times, usually about every eight months or so, and I did manage to get a balance transfer card last year. This time, I got 18 months of 0% balance transfer and 0% on purchases. Which is by any account a pretty sweet deal - Fiance (with his stellar credit) has gotten the same offer in the mail too. But this is really tangible proof that how much I've been working on my debt has affected how really creditworthy I am. Fiance is also happy - I'm estimating we won't save enough cash by the wedding to cover the whole thing, so it's very nice that both of us will have a good bit of credit available for the various odds and ends expenses that will crop up. (But thank God for long engagements.) Look at me with my big girl credit card! I haven't had one with terms this good since I was running CashDuck. Things are definitely looking up.

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