Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We all have dreams... mine include discontinued auto lines.

As you may have noticed, I'm a planner. Or perhaps you would more accurately call it being a daydreamer with a spreadsheet. Before we moved to the city we live in now, I'd compiled a large Excel list of apartments in the area, with prices, distances to the place I'd be working, so on and so forth. And when I was a little kid, I used to cut out catalog pictures and glue them onto blank pieces of paper in order to make my own catalog of things I liked. You could say that I get almost as much enjoyment about thinking about the things I'll purchase (or the places I'll live) as I do actually purchasing them. And frequently when I want to get myself to do something, I think of something I want and then decide that I can have it when I meet my goal.

So I have decided that when I pay off all my credit card debt, I can buy a new car.

(Not new-new, of course, as I am neither wealthy, nor stupid, nor wealthy enough to be stupid. My sights are set on a car a couple years old, probably a retired Enterprise rental car 'cause they come with a lot of options.)

Of course, this plan didn't seem quite so brilliant on review, since I'm celebrating getting out of debt by getting into more debt. But on the whole, I'll actually have a lot more disposable income after my debt is paid off, and my current car is sliding down the drain pretty quickly. I'm hoping it actually lives until my debt gets paid off!

This is actually a pretty motivating idea for me. I've literally never owned a car that cost more than $4,000, because I've never had much on hand and never cared much about it. But it's really getting old fixing the problems that older, poorly maintained cars create - no one I know has ever had to replace the speedometer, the circuit board that runs your turn signals, or the temperature control panel in the dashboard. None of these were things I could have foreseen, and all of the cars I've purchased were checked out by mechanics before I purchased them, but you just don't see these kinds of problems in normal cars. It's getting old having to fix something every time I take it in for an oil change. So it's very motivating to think about owning a car that won't have random crap breaking all the time.
Right now I have my eye on the Pontiac G6.. here's hoping there's still some good 2009's and 2010's (I think that's when they stopped making them) when I pay off my debt!

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