Monday, February 02, 2009

Something I'm rarely accused of, outside of comments

One thing has struck me, when looking at the comments that spam-posters make. These people want you to think they are real posters and have actually read the posts and have something to say about it, while conveniently slipping in their own link. But they continually say that I'm doing something that I rarely if ever do.

Which is provide useful information.

Now I don't claim to be totally useless, but this blog pretty much is "whee! look at me go!". I don't really report anything useful that's going on in the world, or provide a reference for much other than how much my pet surgeries costs. But the commenters seem determined to see me as useful.


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P.S. I definitely recommend subscribing to this blog's feeds, they are a wealth of information.

Sept 2007:

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July 2007 (from someone who evidently didn't notice I don't have a PR of 2)

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April 2007

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And then of course there are comments left by real people, which I cannot decipher anyway. This person posted twice, apparently because she thought the first didn't go through..

this was a gr8 post n i do agree abt the adding comments thing
i madly wanna start my blog
infact i had gone half way .........but then adding titles confused me in blogger....
i had thought title means the headline for the specific blog
but having written that it asked me 4 a heading ....
anyways even i m interested in informal blogs n thanx 4 d information
i just hope i can b a gr8 blogger cuz all my net friends luv d way i write

this was a gr8 post n i agree wid u
i m lookin 4ward 2 startin my blog
but how is it that someone can have newones under their wings............
all i know is probably signing up 4 blogger n then u need 2 write a blog straight there
n how do ppl post their emails as their blogs?
is there any way 2 poat the same thing everywhere blogger thoughts etc?
i think informal blogging is very interesting as we can relate wid so many other ppls thoughts
btw thanx 4 d post !!!

But no post has ever received more comments than mine on how to start a blog. It does well on searches and seems to have inspired a number of people. And to think I thought I knew so much after having mine for.. uh.. six weeks? Yeah. I don't follow a lot of my own advice (for instance, I basically never edit, and my posts are right off the top of my head) but most of it still looks pretty good, and it still gets a lot of traffic.


Sandy said...

Okay so I think I deciphered the last two comments. I love that this person so desperately wants to write a blog because all their friends love the way they write. Ha! I had to seriously concentrate to even figure it out. When will people realize that texting and actual writing are two totally different things? It makes me cringe a little.

Jamey said...

I was editing comments on work blog the other day and deleted one that said something like, "This post was really useful...." but it was unique enough that when I went and looked at a blog that I contribute to, the EXACT same comment was there! It was somehow shocking but then not surprising. Damn spammers.

Anyways, I have enjoyed reading your blog today all the way from the small/delayed paycheck to doggie daycare for Maggie and the scanner from the grandparents (honarary g-child!) onward...

keep up the good work.

Costa Rica Real Estate said...

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Kira said...

Wow. That's just the definition of irony. And probably also the definition of someone who doesn't read English very well.

Pushkar Kharbanda said...

Lol, nice post.

Ok I aint no spammer :D

Got your feeds for real.

Reps. :)