Sunday, November 30, 2008

More updates

Well, now I've received word that I will NOT be an independent contractor, I'll be a real employee. However, I still have no idea when I'm going to start, which is really starting to aggravate me. It is nice though to have the prospect of being a real employee, because on the day that I found out that they were going to pursue that line, I also found out that I had been denied for health insurance. So being a real employee will get me health benefits, although it comes with less money. But it equals out, especially since I have no idea where I would have gotten health insurance - I've been turned down twice, once for my preexisting condition (heartburn - seriously, people?) and this time for being overweight, despite being perfectly healthy other than heartburn which is well controlled on OTC stuff.

Here's hoping I actually start this job sometime soon - I'm hoping that since they do hire people on a regular basis, they can get that accomplished faster than trying to write up a contract. I was supposed to go for training on Monday in Kansas City but that didn't get set up before the person who was supposed to train me left for vacation. I just hope things aren't this badly confused once I actually start working.

4 comments: said...

I've always wondered about becoming an independent contractor. I'd love to work for 'me' and not 'somebody else'.

I'm very good with computers, but I don't have any paper work to prove it unfortunately.

Even though learning myself has been far more rewarding than any class work I could have done.

Congrats on your new job.

Chris R said...

I'm curious what your field of employment is.

Congrats on the new job though. I have worked for both myself and for employers. I think I like working for employers more...less stress.

Kira said...

I am a clinical research coordinator.

Joe Wallace said...

Hi Kira,

Just discovered your site and bummed that there's no update since Nov 08 :-(

I was wondering if you accept guest blogger posts. I'm the editor of (we're a bargain hunting and cheap deals website) and would love to contribute a piece or two about how to stretch your shopping dollar farther, when a deal isn't really a good deal, and other frugal living topics. You can drop me a line at and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Regardless...congrats on the new gig and I hope you continue to post here--great stuff so far!

Joe Wallace