Monday, June 16, 2008

Employed once more!

Hooray, today I actually got not one but two jobs. Had to turn down one. But this is great news. I had signed up with Spherion (temp agency) a couple weeks ago and they were very excited to talk to me, being that I am a college graduate with computer skills, phone experience, and can speak easily without saying like or ain't. Yesterday they called me to come in and take a Word and Excel test and a drug test for a potential full-time temporary administrative-type position with the bakery branch of a local grocery store chain. So I went in and did that today. The secretary thought I was great and told me semi-confidentially that she pretty much figured I'd get the job because the woman who interviewed me had suggested me individually for this position (the secretary read me the email - the gist was, start with her and you won't need to check 4 other people.) So that was pretty exciting, having been without normal full-time employment for 3 months now, and at home for the last three weeks. After a number of phone calls, they confirmed that I had the position, and I was to start tomorrow morning 8AM sharp. This meant that I would miss the home inspection on the new house but they did not seem to be willing to negotiate starting time. So everything got lined up, and I even got the dog a doggy interview at doggy day care tonight so she could start tomorrow.

THEN I come back from the grocery store and there is an email from the head doc at the private clinic/research organization I interviewed with last Tuesday, who liked me bunches.

Hi Kira --

please give me a call

I'd like to talk with you about a job.

So I call, and Top Doc says, are you still looking for a position, and I say yep, and she says, we're still looking for someone to fill our open spot, and I say, what an amazing coincidence! and she laughs. She asked if I would like to start tomorrow and I asked if Wednesday would be OK so I could go to the home inspection, and she said that was fine. (This is also beneficial because I could totally see the staff getting notice that I'm coming about 5 minutes before I show up. They know that I'm coming in general, but probably not specifically when. So this will give them some time to, say, find an extra desk.) I was so excited I forgot to ask her how much they were going to pay me, but the office manager had asked what my salary expectations were and I said $40-45k so if they're within shouting distance of that, that's great.

These people are as sane as medical clinics get, and just seem like reasonable human beings. I am excited to get back into the thick of things. They have a matching 401k and a health savings account medical plan, so I can bet I'll be posting about that when I get that set up.

Off I go to take Maggie to her doggy daycare interview - there's several doggy daycares in the area, and this one is about five minutes from our house so she won't throw up in the car. (Motion sickness.) It's $75 a week to take her every day, but I'll probably only end up taking her two or three days a week.

This is also excellent timing in that both of my guinea pigs have been seriously ill in the last few weeks, and I'm literally just today not going to be squirting medications and food into either little mouth five times a day. So it's good that I was able to be home to give them more frequent care when they needed it, but also good that when I won't be able to, they won't need it.

Hooray for money! This is exciting!

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Revanche said...

Hooray new job! And hooray healthy guinea pigs! (I was about to call them hamsters because I was all caught up in the alliteration. Whoops.)