Friday, March 09, 2007

O where o where has my thousand dollars gone

So I upped my voluntary retirement contributions for February, and they were duly taken out of my paycheck. However, they didn't show up in my TIAA-CREF account. This is bad. They always arrive at the same time as my work's contribution and my involuntary contribution, but this time something seems to have gone amiss and I am missing $1000. I notified TIAA-CREF and they are looking into it, and I notified my HR department and did not get a response. Let's hope one of them finds something soon.. I'm a little disappointed that I missed the really low stock prices day - TIAA-CREF said that when they credit the money, it'll buy shares at whatever price is current that day, not the day it was supposed to credit. (Dangit.)


mOOm said...

My university only credits my account about 2 weeks behind... there was a lag of that length after I increased my 403b contributions.

D said...

Those dirty sons a guns. Or maybe this is normal for a change. Extra paperwork, or something.

Patience is a virtue, for others not me. I'm sure it will all be cleared up fast and be streamlined from here on out.

Anonymous said...

I have been having a terrible time. my Oct, Nov, and Dec. payments did not show up until Jan. I have lost a lot of trust in Tiaa-cref. The same thing happened to the three people in my office. I have been calling them for almost a month because my Feb payment has not shown up. Now I noticed my March payment is not credited. What really upsets me is I have made numerous phone calls and they do not give you the curiosity of a return call or e-mail.

THERE IS SOMETHING TERRIBLE WRONG AND I AM WONDERING IF THERE SHOULDN'T BE FEDERALINVESTIGATION.I think the whole system is in trouble and they are not treating their customers with common curiosity.

Kira said...

Um.. I think you mean courtesy, not curiosity.

I have never had any problems with them and they responded to both my emails very promptly. If you feel it is such a problem, then report it to the BBB, don't complain on blogs.